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 Pokemon Academy Version 2

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PostSubject: Pokemon Academy Version 2   Wed Apr 20, 2011 10:58 am

[blockquote][blockquote]You're waiting on the shore for the train that will take you to Pokemon Academy when an old man saunters up to you. He smells of the sea and looks like a drowned rat.

"So you've been accepted into Pokemon Academy eh? Every kid in the country wants to go there, or so I've heard. I heard that place is filled with weirdos and coots! But don't listen to me, I'm just an old sailor. I've sailed by that island before, it looks friendly enough. Bleh! I don't trust it though! That place is as big as a continent! They even say monsters lurk in it's depths! Pokemon! About fifty feet wide and one hundred tall!"

You stare at him silently. He must just be a crazy old man.


"What! You don't believe me!? Why I'd never! I'm an honest man of the sea!"

The train whistle drowns out his ranting as you leave him to board the train.

"Good luck young soul! Don't lose yourself while you're there!"


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Pokemon Academy Version 2
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