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A sound soul dwells in a sound mind and a sound body
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Jaden Mei

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PostSubject: Arachnophobia   Sun Oct 10, 2010 12:35 am


Arachnophobia is a massive organization created by Arachne over 800 years ago, during her long absence the group was further expanded to form a large network due to her direction and the assistance of Mosquito. The organization was originally established to directly oppose the forces established by Shinigami, Shibusen, with the aim to eventually rid the world of this opposing faction and the ideals it was founded upon. The organization's main base is located at Baba Yaga's castle, which is hidden over 2000m under ground. Arachnophobia's forces are composed from a diverse amount of people, which are organised into numerous distinct groups each focused on one particular aspect or task. So far, the groups shown are soldiers, the groups general military force, Artifact Soldiers, who were created and programmed with unique abilities specifically for fighting roles, and research and development. It appears that each member is issued a uniform which composes of a long black cloak, which covers the whole body except the face, and a white mask.

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