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A sound soul dwells in a sound mind and a sound body
Welcome Guest to Resonance of the Souls! If you're a new member, you probably don't know how to navigate throughout the forum. Well, here's where you start out first. First off, Introduce yourself. If you're interested in joining into the RP, then you must first make a character. You may find the template in this section, also, be sure to read the forum rules
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PostSubject: Rabe-Chan   Thu Dec 29, 2011 3:44 pm

(im not sure if the picture showed up... or where it went to...)
Basic Info
First Name: Mikaela
Middle Name:
Last Name: Rabe
Gender: Female
Age: 16
Nationality: Classified
Rank: 3
Soul Type: Strong
Job/Occupation: Student

Visual Appearance
Hair: Light brown
Eyes: Light brown
Clothing: Black and red dress, brown boots, and black skirt
Skin: Smooth
Height: 5 feet 4 inches (i think... o.o)
Weight: 105 LBS
Blood Type: type O
Distinctive Features: None
Accessories: None
Weapon: Me
Meister: Dont have one yet, looking
Personality: For a friend, im very nice, fun, and funny. For Strangers - i can be a little rude. For enemys, their screwed.
Behavior: Im a little reckless if someone i care about is in a threatening situation, but other then that, im usually calm.

Positive Traits:
☆ point one : Im smart and i tend to think before i act.
☆ point two : I love People
☆ point three: Im very fun if i know you well~
☆ point four : I'm really strong
☆ point five : I've had years of experiance with RP

Negative Traits:

★ point one : I might act before thinking
★ point two : As stated before, i can be rude - its rare though
★ point three : My weakness is friends and family
★ point four : I tend to daydream... :3
★ point five : I have a big appitite dispite my figure XD


✓ point one : Nice people
✓ point two : People who care
✓ point three : Cute guys - haha *nervous laugh*
✓ point four : a strong and strong willed partner
✓ point five : Good friends


✕ point one : Jerks
✕ point two : Weaklings
✕ point three : the song "Its a small world" (i think... or its a small world after all)
✕ point four : Liars
✕ point five : Complete Idiots

Fighting Style
Techniques: New Moon, Full Moon, Eclipse

Equipment: *grins* Thats Classified information...
Spoiler: ... =.= No spoiler

✕ : When im pissed, i get stronger.... (that usually applies to everyone...)
✕ : When im near Water
✕ : When im near Fire
(Is that what strengths mean in this context?)

✕ : The ground / Earth
✕ : Enemys who are REALLY fast (like, really really fast. Faster then black*star)

History and Etc.

Alignment: Good
Date of Birth: June 10
Parents: Classified
Siblings: Classified
History: A kishin killed my family - i don't want to talk about it.
RP Sample: *I stand there, with a calm, collected look on my face. But my firey red eyes burn with anticipation. A evil looking grin sneaks its way onto my face, staying there. With one swift movement, i lift up my arm and it quickly transforms into a blade* What am i to do?
Starting Location: Death City

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