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 Medicora, the snake warlock -WIP-

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Jaden Mei

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PostSubject: Medicora, the snake warlock -WIP-   Sun Oct 10, 2010 11:44 am

Name: Medicora
Age: 21
Sex: Male
Alignment: Evil
Medicora is seen, first, wearing a green hoody. On the hood, it has black, snake like eye designs. He wears black pants with green like scale designs near the bottoms of the pants legs. He is seen carrying around a black backpack that has medicine inside of it and other research materials he plans on taking back to his lab. From his hands, up to his shoulders, he has a snake tattoo that spirals around his arms. The heads in the palms of his hands. Under his jacket, he is wearing a black underarmor. Without it, he is seen with little muscle, and a 6 packed stomach.
Personality: a very manipulative and deceptive person, much like the snake is commonly depicted as in various beliefs. he sees everyone and everything as an experiment but he is also willing to use anyone and everyone to further his plans by any means necessary. Medicora also despises normal humans. He works together with his partner to keep away from humans and if any humans wonder into his lair, he makes sure to have them killed.
Origins: [200 words for your characters origins. It's the history]
Not much is known about Medicora's birth, other than that he was raised as a warlock in using snake spells. He knows how to use the well known Medusa's spells like Vector Arrows, plus his own spells like Snake Blades. He has an older brother, but nobody knows what happened to him. He mysteriously disappeared 10 years before the main storyline. Medicora met a man named Drake, whom was the only one Medicora felt was worthy of being on his team. He and Drake have gained a sort of brotherly bond and train together a lot, even if it is forbidden for a warlock and a weapon to bond.

Rank: [If you're a student, what is your rank? Ranks for Students are 1 -4, beginners, all beginners, start at 1]
Level: 9
Soul Type: Strong

Endurance: 4
Strength: 3
Dexterity: 2
Intelligence: 3
Charm: 1

Weapon: [If you're a Meister, what is your weapon? Make another post about your weapon as all weapons are also played by the meister]

Meister: [If you're a weapon, who is your weapon? Post a link if to your weapon and meister in the respective profile]

Animal: Snakes

Techniques: [You get a total of 3 techniques. After you fill out the technique template, post the techniques here in this spoiler]

Equipment: [If your character wears a certain equipment, post it here after you fill out the equipment template. Use this spoiler]

Magic: [Same as the others, but this is only for the witch rank characters]

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Medicora, the snake warlock -WIP-
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