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A sound soul dwells in a sound mind and a sound body
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 Kishin Asura

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Jaden Mei

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PostSubject: Kishin Asura   Mon Oct 11, 2010 6:12 pm

Name: Asura
Age: Unknown
Sex: Male
Alignment: Evil
Appearance: Asura is depicted as a very thin, pale young man. Prior to becoming a Kishin, he wore numerous white long scarves, encircling his entire neck and a large portion of his head, and upwards of five to six shirts on his body, each of varying style and color. Even this significant amount of clothing is covered by a further layer; consisting of a red and black pinstriped blazer, as well as an extremely long pair of dark trousers, burying the black shoes worn underneath in a mass of fabric.
Asura has adopted the symbol of three vertical eyes, as he too possesses a third eye on his forehead. Not only does each strand of dark hair on his head look like an eye, due to the presence of white markings, but even his pupils feature this same eye-like shape. This signature eye symbol is tattooed to the backs of each of his hands and the long scarf that encompasses his head, is embellished with multiple black images of these vertical eyes, wrapped in a very particular manner so as to display only three to the front.
Due to the circumstances surrounding his imprisonment and subsequent revival, Asura was left without a single item of clothing, either old or new. In order to compensate for this immediate need, he fashioned various wrappings out of his own skin to cover his naked body, even forming it to create the long scarves he originally wore with the same three signature eye-like markings.
In the anime; it is demonstrated that the irises of his eyes are red, and he possesses a red aura.
Personality: Asura was a human said to have always possessed an extremely careful soul, this resulted in making him mistrustful of everyone around him, which is the primary reason why he covered his body with a ridiculous amount of clothing. However, despite all his immense power, he was persistently terrified with the greatest fear that was possible. So; in order to protect himself, he became obsessed with power and forgetting all discipline, began eating the souls of innocents who were not listed by Shinigami. This fear eventually drove him to consume even his own weapon partner, causing him to go mad and become the first Kishin.
As the physical embodiment of madness, Asura's behavior is entirely erratic; one minute he seemingly has a completely calm and cool demeanor, the next he is both maniacal and senseless.
Asura was supposedly a human who existed well before Shibusen's creation, though Shinigami questions whether he was ever actually human to begin with. He was the strongest and most feared member of Shinigami's "Eight Powerful Warriors" -- powerful enough to even destroy all of the witches of the East by himself, without leaving any remains. Not only that but at a later unspecified time he ate three of the Eight Powerful Warriors.
Eventually the insecurities within his personality resulted in Asura going insane and becoming the first Kishin, causing madness to spread throughout the world. To stop him and the global turmoil he had created, Shinigami removed all of his skin and used it as a seal on Asura, to trap him under the school. Shinigami then proceeded to root his very own soul to the area surrounding Death City, in order to stop Asura from ever awakening again.

Soul Type: Studious
Rank: Above 4, Shinigami like

Endurance: 5
Strength: 5
Dexterity: 5
Intelligence: 5
Charm: 5

Weapon: Vajra
Vajra (ヴァジュラ, Vajura) is Asura's partner before he became a kishin. Little is known about Vajra himself other than his weapon form being that of a Vajra, this is due to the fact that Asura devoured him out of fear and madness well before the series began. However, even despite his current condition, this has not restricted Asura from using him in combat. By forcing the pointed end of Vajra's weapon form to emerge from his mouth, Asura can use him to preform a variety of attacks. He can rush the enemy while using his soul wavelength to create a twister-like air current around him, turning himself into a human drill. This attack was strong enough to break through Shinigami's shield and blow a hole through his body. Asura can also fire a powerful beam of energy from the tip of Vajra's weapon form. In the anime, Shinigami has referred to Vajra as Bashura.

Techniques: [You get a total of 3 techniques. After you fill out the technique template, post the techniques here in this spoiler]

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Kishin Asura
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