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 Etherlean Mage Template [WIP]

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Jaden Mei

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PostSubject: Etherlean Mage Template [WIP]   Wed Oct 13, 2010 5:06 pm

Etherlean Mages are the mages who are mainly male, that work together against the Witches. They have the powers of previous mages well known. The mage, Medacora, leads this group later on.

Basic Information:

Name: {Whats your characters name?)
Gender: (Whats your characters gender?)
Age: (Depends on race really)

Specialization: (necromancy, white magic, black magic, tarots etc)

Story: {Character history}

RP sample: (We prefer quality over quantity)

Melee Weapon: (This is optional)

Primary Weapon: (Your primary weapon used aside from magic spells and familiars)
Weapon Mastery: (Rate from 1 to 10, 10 being the highest, 1 the lowest)
Training Done: (What training did you do to achieve your weapon mastery, add an RP sample if you must, but dont go over board, this is not Bankai.)

Secondary Weapon: (Your secondary weapon is your last resort when all else fails you, your knowledge of this weapon cant be any higher than your Primary weapon.)
Weapon Mastery: (Rate from 1 to 7. Highest would be 7, lowest 1.)

Does your melee weapon use magic? (Yes or No, if yes, explain how.)
Other information: (other information you want us to know about your weapons.)

Familiar Information: (Familiars are Magi's companion, some born with them, some find them in time, but not everyone can tame a familiar)

Basic Information:

Familiar Name: (name of your familiar)
Age: (the older a familiar is, the stronger, but not all old familiars are strong.)
Gender: (Your familiars gender)
Personality: (how does your familiar act?)
Appearance: (how does your familiar normally looks like, no weapon manifestations please.)
Inner Realm : (Basically this is your Familiars inner world.)
History: (Your familiars story, if theirs any)

Elements: (Please don't use opposites, EX. Fire X Water. Ice and Watter will do, just nothing to the point of extremes.)

Primary Element:
Secondary Element:

Skills: (Rate from 1 - 10 each, 10 being the highest, 1 the lowest. you can add descriptions. When * is asked, please divide the number you gave into the areas.)



mgc crl: (Familiars magic control, if this is anything below 2, your techniques might fail after several uses.)
mgc cmp: (Your compatibility with your familiars magic, if this is anything lower than 2, you might loose synchronicity with your familiar.)


*mgc df: (Your familiars defense from magic attacks)
*nml df: (Your familiars defense from normal attacks)


*ctr atk: (Your familiars counter tendencies)
*ddg atk: (Your familiars dodging tendencies)


*lng rng: (Your familiars ability in long ranged attacks)
*sht rng: (Your familiars ability in short ranged attacks)


*lrn tec: (Your familiars ability to learn new techniques)
*grl klg: (Your familiars general knowledge of things)

Familiar Techniques:

Name: (Technique Name)
Element: (Primary, secondary or both)
Stage: (Normal, Int. Awakening, or Awakened. Normal being the lowest stage, Awakened the highest.)
Active or Passive?: (if active please leave an activation word or phrase)
Description: (What does the technique do, what changes occur?)
Downside: (Technique weaknesses.)
Charge Duration: (How many posts needed to be able to use the technique.)
Cool down: (After usage, how many posts are needed to be able to use technique again.)

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Etherlean Mage Template [WIP]
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