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 Masquerade Template

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Jaden Mei

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PostSubject: Masquerade Template   Wed Oct 13, 2010 5:11 pm

Masquerade's are people who instead of using weapons, they use dolls for there weapons. They can fuse with there dolls or turn them into a certain weapon. They also have the ability to use the element of the doll to there advantage.

Basic Information
Name: (Your characters name.)
Gender: (Whether your character is male or female.)
Age: (Actual and appeared age of your character.)
Looks: (What your character looks like.)
Personality: (How your character acts normally and in certain situations.)
Rank: (The level of your Masquerade abilities 1-5. 1 being very weak, 5 being very very strong.)

Doll Information
Name: (Name of your doll.)
Manifestation: (What your doll looks like.)
Element: (Choose one from fire, wind, water, metal, earth, lightning, ice/snow, shadow/dark, light/holy, nature, gravity.)
Description: (Your description of your doll. Must be detailed.)
Fuse: (What do you look like when you fuse with your doll?)

Name: (Name of your tech.)
Description: (What your tech is and what it does.)
Downside: (What is the downside?)

History and RP Sample
History: (Your characters past history.)
RP Sample: (Give an example of how you RP.)

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Masquerade Template
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