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A sound soul dwells in a sound mind and a sound body
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Jaden Mei

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PostSubject: Techniques   Tue Oct 19, 2010 6:03 pm

This is a little bit of information for techniques you may have without using the template for it. If you want to use them, let me know in a PM what techniques you want to use, and if you use them, put a little bit about them in your origins.

Meisters / Weapons
Soul Menace
Soul Menace (魂威, Kon'i; FUNimation "Soul Force", Fansub "Soul Purge" or "Soul Threat") is a move originally created by Stein but also used later by Black Star.
The technique is a form of self resonance which is only known to be usable by Stein and Black Star. By resonating with one's own soul the user can drive their own soul wavelength directly into an opponent's body through a physical strike on them. This can cause strong direct and internal damage, it is even capable of damaging someone who is being protected by black blood. It is later discovered by Black Star and Kid that the Soul Menace technique is enhanced by water as water seemingly conducts soul wavelength energy better than air does.

Analysis Disassemble
Through the use of numerous Vector Arrows, Medusa is able to pull highly strengthened magical coatings of opponents apart. The ability is conducted by firstly summoning the various 'arrows' involved, before subsequently driving them with significant force, into a single point on the intended target. Only then is the command stated, resulting in the "arrows" then proceeding to diverge from the point of impact, pulling apart the surface these 'arrows' are currently attached to. The technique is typically used to destroy an opponent's defensive measures, in order to follow up with an extremely devastating attack, without the worry of damage limitation or prevention.
This spell is only used once through the series so far, when Medusa and the main characters from Shibusen, are infiltrating Baba Yaga's Castle. When advancing through the forests surrounding the castle, the group is set upon by large squid-like creatures, which were originally normal fauna before being enhanced by the magical powers present around the area. When everyone's attacks do not achieve any effect on the creatures, Medusa realizes that the creatures are protected by a magical coating on their bodies. She then uses the spell, Analysis Disassemble, to peel apart the coating, thus allowing the others to destroy the creatures with ease.

Arithmetic Magic: Magic Calculation
Arithmetic Magic: Magic Calculation (FUNimation: Computation Spell: Magic Calculation) is a spell used by Witches as a 'place maker' for placing the exact coordinates of a magical spell. The spell is especially useful in Spatial Magic when precise coordinates and area measurements are crucial for the spell's successful execution, or when opening a portal into another dimension and connecting two dimensions (like the Book of Eibon). The addition of multiple Witches in the casting of the spell may speed up its completion time and/or enhance its effectiveness.
It appears that a requirement of this ability is the adoption of an unusual stance in operation. Eruka only needs to raise both her hands above level with her head, while Medusa, on the other hand, must bend her arms awkwardly to assume the correct position. In both instances, small representations of their own magic appear while conducting the spell and long strands of arithmetic equations coil around each other upon the spell's execution.
The spell's first and most notable example is Eruka and Medusa's usage of it in conjuction with Free's Spatial Magic: Independent Cube during Medusa's attack on Shibusen. The second time is in Operation Salvage, when Eruka, Kim, Risa and Arisa use the spell to open a portal into the Book of Eibon manuscript, as well as connecting it to the original Book of Eibon in Noah's possession.
While using this ability for the Spartoi "Salvage" mission, Eruka cites the name of a sorcerer, Relené Descartes, who might be the originator of this magic spell and the possible field of 'Arithmetic Magic'. Besides that, it is also a reference to the French mathematician René Descartes.
It seems that if no Witch capable of using Spatial Magic is present, a more complex method is needed to use Magic Calculation. The alternative way of achieving the equivalent of Spatial Magic with Arithmetic Magic is a large magic circle with the designated number of Witches around it (in the Book of Eibon's case, four Witches are a part of the magic circle). In a case when more than one Witch is performing the spell, one of the Witches acts as the main caster of the spell, with the others acting as support in order to support the main caster's magic reserves. An incantation is also used in one case, by Eruka: Thou shalt bind it in the incantations of the sorcerer, Relené Descartes. When the spell is used, the circle begins to glow and large glowing numbers and long strings of runes spiral up into the air, showing the calculations taking place.
When using Magic Calculation on the manuscript of the Book of Eibon, several complex calculations, such as the analysis of the magic text inside the book, and calculations of various emissions need to be done. The magic reserves of the main spell caster must also be maintained, revealing that Magic Calculation is a rather complex procedure without a Spatial Magic user.

Disorderly Line
This technique was used by Mifune in his final battle against Black☆Star at Baba Yaga's Castle. Mifune initiates this technique by spinning the current sword in his hand in a circular motion, having several swords float around him. Following this; Mifune is able to keep the several swords floating around him by striking them continuously before they hit the ground, using them to conduct numerous other attacks, while integrating even more swords as he continues.
The technique itself is extremely versatile, combining both a powerful defense with an overwhelming offense, while still retaining the ability to effortlessly switch between the two. This is due largely through allowing him to preform his other attacks more easily while making it difficult for an opponent to engage him at close range, due to the presence of these adjacent swords.
The technique is also strong enough to overpower and cause several major injuries to opponents. It was enough to grievously wound Black☆Star while he was using his Shadow☆Star: Third Form - Severed Shadow and fight on an equal footing against the Shadow☆Star: Zeroth Form - Masamune.

Ice Bind
This move, used by Free, immobilizes the opponent by encasing their feet in ice, holding them in place so further subsequent attacks can be made. It is only used once so far, in the battle against Mosquito, Death the Kid and Free. As this technique is only used as a means to contain a small section of an opponent's body, it can be conducted extremely quickly, even capturing Mosquito in his form from 200 years ago, where he is reportedly at his fastest.

A Vasili
A Vasili is made using moisture present within the surroundings of the target (the surrounding air included). Free can make use of this technique to completely encase them in ice. The ice forms the shape of a police cell around the opponent completely immobilizing them. To establish this technique Free must first collect the water upon the ground around the opponent, before causing it to rise up and subsequently freeze. Due to the process needed to form the large amount of ice present, a substantial amount of time is required, which does present an opportunity for a counter-attack.
Free uses this on Mosquito in his form from 200 years ago and provides him and Kid an opportunity to use their high power techniques, Death Cannon and Demon Eye Cannon attacks. This suggests that the ice is significantly strong, as it is able to restrain a strong opponent for a greater period of time than these techniques require to charge. It also demonstrates that Free is able to use other techniques while maintaining the presence of this ability.

Flying Pumpkins
This is one of the spells used by Blair. It generates large, floating pumpkins that, among other uses, Blair can use for transportation. The pumpkins move according to her will. The pumpkins can also shoot down like missiles towards the ground, bombarding any opponents below.
Flying Pumpkins, as a spell, seems most useful for utility purposes. Blair, whilst hosting a party with Risa and Arisa in the Death Room, also summons smaller pumpkins that explode into confetti, which may mean that Blair sometimes uses the Flying Pumpkins merely for show.

Change "Pixie"
This technique refers to the transformation of Jacqueline from her usual Weapon form of a lamp into a rocket-powered means of transportation. In Jacqueline's Weapon form there a short chain attached to a small bar extending from the top of the lamp. The bar is actually longer than it seems by virtue of being collapsible, and when attached to a groove on top of the lamp, it can be extended to its full length. Turning the lamp horizontal in its new form, it looks rather like a broomstick, a traditional form of transportation used by Witches, and Kim rides it in the style of a broomstick as well. The lamp at the end acts as a rocket, its flames propelling Jacqueline forward and up into the air. Jacqueline can heighten the intensity of the flames in her Weapon form, increasing her speed. Flames are often seen flaring out of the vents in the lamp during flight.
This change grants Kim flight capabilities but at the cost of making her unable to perform attacks, which leaves her open, especially when she is just starting to leave the ground. However, this form has numerous tactical advantages, especially in the conduction of large-scale battles, where the smoke trail produced during flight can be used as an effective signal to others. The form is also quite fastat full speed, and has good manoeuverability.

Compulsive Burial
Compulsive Burial (FUNimation: Forced Burial) is a technique used by Sid and his partner, Nygus. Through Sid activating a Soul Resonance with Nygus while she is in her Weapon form, Nygus transforms into a glowing white version of Sid's gravestone, that he subsequently slams into the ground. This activates the technique, causing multiple rectangular coffins to appear below numerous people and act as an effective escape route. This technique creates a simple way of escape by the means of an escape tunnel going directly downwards. The technique is quite versatile, as it can be used on multiple people at once. This technique, however, does require some time to preform. Additionally, the range of the attack can be limited, and Sid cannot provide escape routes to someone who is too far away.
This move was only used once by Sid and Nygus when both managed to return to the DWMA to warn Stein of Medusa's intentions of reawakening the Kishin. As Free used his Spatial Magic to seal all members of Shibusen in one place, Sid managed to use Compulsive Burial on Stein, Maka, Soul, Black Star, Tsubaki, Death the Kid, Liz and Patti, sending them all to the underground, entrusting them to stop Medusa.

Black Blood
The Black Blood is a type of black blood cell created and developed by Medusa the Witch, the sister of Arachne. It was created with the purpose of making a new Kishin by injecting the experiment's subject with Black Blood. Crona and Soul Eater Evans have so far been the research specimens for this experiment. The Black Blood, as its name suggests, takes on the shape of normal blood cells, only pitch black in colour. Since its primary function is to make whoever it infects into a Kishin, the Black Blood induces insanity in the person who is infected by it. The madness of the Black Blood has different effects, depending on the user. Maka enters a sort of crazed and demented euphoria, Crona becomes more violent and Soul, who rarely uses the Black Blood because of the consequences, is constantly persuaded to use the Black Blood's power by Little Ogre in the Black Room. The main purpose of the madness is to erase all fear in the users, which prevents hesitation or weakness of will during battle. It is possible for a person to have his/her blood completely replaced by Black Blood. Likewise, Demon Weapons can be melted into the Black Blood, which in turn, turns them into a Dark Weapon. The madness of the Black Blood can be potent, but with enough strength of will, it can be controlled. However, using too much of the Black Blood's power beyond one's capabilities risks the person being devoured by the Black Blood and the insanity it produces.
If a person manages to control the Black Blood, he/she has full control of the abilities the unique substance offers. One of the Black Blood's properties is that it can hyper-densify to the user's will. When a user is cut and the Black Blood bleeds out of the wound, the user can will the Black Blood to harden and take on the shape of sharp objects, such as blades or needles. This is used as a counter-attack. It can also take on the form of a protective armour for the body. However, without the user's will, the Black Blood does not harden, meaning that this property is not an automatic function of the Black Blood.
The Black Blood also grants the user almost complete invulnerability. The Black Blood can harden the entire body, making it impervious to slashing or crushing attacks. Crona and Maka both exhibit this characteristic of the Black Blood, shown when Maka is stabbed by Crona, but is not even slightly affected by the attack. If the user is wounded, the Black Blood can harden and staunch the wound, preventing it from bleeding and healing the wound incredibly quickly. A great amount of strength is needed to break through the user's Black Blood, but it is possible to do so.
The user's speed and strength is also enhanced by a great deal when using the Black Blood. Crona, who is frail and rather unathletic in appearance, can move incredibly swiftly and can stop strong physical attacks with one hand. This makes the user a formidable opponent in battle.
The Black Blood also has a speculated infectious property. Black Blood can very easily be infected from one person to another. Ragnarok, a Weapon made up of Black Blood, immediately infects Soul after injuring him with his Weapon form. The Black Blood can also infect people via Soul Resonance. However, because of the Black Blood's highly dark properties, individuals who have a Soul Wavelength that dispel darkness (like Maka's Anti-Demon Wavelength) can only be infected by the Black Blood temporarily. Creatures made up entirely out of Black Blood can also fuse with other Black Blood users.
The power of the Black Blood is immense, but if a large amount of a person's Soul Wavelength (like a Soul Menace attack) is applied to the user, then the user's bond with the Black Blood is temporarily broken, leaving the user unable to use Black Blood for some time. Therefore, Wavelength-based attacks are one of the best ways to fight against Black Blood users.

Internal Generation
The effect of this ability means that Marie is capable of generating a significant amount of electricity within her own body. During this process, Marie's hair begins to spread outwards and small electrical bolts emanate from the center of her chest, resulting in a quiet zapping sound while the technique is in effect.
In the manga; she uses this ability to destroy the snake implanted inside her by Crona, burning it to cinders, before subsequently spitting it out.

The hyper-nerve technique that, by infusing Marie's Meister's nerve endings with electricity, can rapidly increase her Meister's motor abilities, resulting in an incredible increase in speed in both the Meister's movements and reactions. This gain in speed is so great, that when partnered with Stein, it is easily able to overwhelm the fellow Death Scythe Justin Law. When used in the battle against Justin, Stein moves so quickly, that he seems to teleport, and some of the blows he inflicts on Justin are not even seen by the naked eye.
To invoke this reaction, little black tendrils emerge from the weapon's handle and wrap around the Meister's wrist. The Weapon then extends in length until its appearence closely resembles that of a tonfa, while the black tendrils continue to completely envelop the users wrist.

-More to come-

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