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A sound soul dwells in a sound mind and a sound body
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  Reflected through MY blades...

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PostSubject: Reflected through MY blades...   Fri Oct 22, 2010 3:33 pm

Evidad would just be at the vacant entrance of the school, silent and still as ever. He would be in a train of thought as he stayed on his forearm blades and the tips of his toes, sweating from the sun's ever beating rays. He would normally be in Class, but something just got to him about the task at hand and how he was alone in the academy. He wasn't mad, more or less he was upset with himself as to the point of just sweating it off. It didn't have much to do with him, He didn't choose his weapon or to be one for the fact, It was more of how he wasn't even chosen. At least they could have stayed with him for a bit instead of waiting to see what weapon he was and then leaving him looking stupid with his hopes up.

He remembers the day specifically, just starting to sweat him like the heat of the sun did at that moment. Nothing ever made him as serious as this memory, the lack of companionship getting to him like it was new to him. During the first day, everyone would just pass him after finding out that he was a guillotine and leaving him looking like a retard. "How useful is that? Totally needs a Meister," He recited as the remarks were scarred in his mind by now, just a sort of whisper to himself. Evidad moved up to a push-up, staying in that position for a few seconds then descending towards to floor for a few seconds and back up to the same height. His heart was starting to slow down from its tense state, he was back to being laid-back and loving it like before.

Evidad stood up from his exercise and stretched a bit, inhaling and exhaling lightly. "I need to stop getting sore on the Idea of partner assignments," He stated, the stress was starting to kill him on these lone expeditions into the subconscious. Evidad just hung out on the outskirts of the school for a while, He didn't want to finish partaking in the class in session. They were acting like a bunch of Morons anyway, He can do much better with his own time like now. The kid just wasn't ready to get competitive with others, we all know what happened to him.
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Reflected through MY blades...
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