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A sound soul dwells in a sound mind and a sound body
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 The Sky's The Limit

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PostSubject: The Sky's The Limit   Thu Nov 11, 2010 10:10 pm

"The Sky's the LIMIT!"

Well, not anymore. Ever since the first production of Air Trek, people have graced the pavement and the skies with their high-flying escapades. Now, based on the Manga and Anime "Air Gear", a forum to spread your wings and fly. Become the best of the best, ride your road. So what are you waiting for? Grab your own gear and fly beyond the sky!

In a world parallel to the world we see in the anime and manga, lie Sansai City and Seijitsu City. Riders cross the blacktop on wheels pf rubber, spinning at speeds to match most motor-cars. They twist and turn, duck and roll, vying for the right to call themselves the best of the best. Stormriders who ride alone and Stormriders who band together, two different styles of running the road.

In Sansai City, stands Parts War HQ. The rumored home of Parts War. In the Factory downtown, Tool Toul To makes their stake. Nobody bothers them to try and force them out, doing so would prove most troublesome. As T3 is the world's greatest group of Stormriders who run the Ring Road, an ultimate group of Air Trek tuners. Will you join them? Or someone else?

In Seijitsu City, a highway falls into disrepair. Nobody drives on it, but they ride it. Hinote no Kouseki. Flame riders who burn their path into the bends of this dilapidated highway. Miles away the scene shifts dramatically, from a world ruled by fire, to one claimed by ice. Frozen Mist, in their palace of ice, atop a lake forever frozen. Between the two places, an untouched opal. Or a scarred chunk of flesh on the verge of collapse, Sakuranbo High. If you want to go anywhere you gotta ride the information express.

Here, where fire and ice meet, in this world of Stormriders, some still ride alone. Grasping at the darkness of night, for it is theirs to control. For, as you can see, "The Night is our Playground!"

So come! Join us! Ride the Storm, at Air Trek Role Playing

PS: We're looking to AFF
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The Sky's The Limit
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